If you ever get the chance to speak to a location manager, or two, about how they got into the industry, I'm sure that no two stories would be the same. These days there are courses you can go on in various colleges, but, speaking as someone who's been in the industry well over a decade I fall into the camp of "there's nothing better than experience". It's just one of those jobs. This is obviously just my opinion - I'm sure plenty would disagree.

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Only a few weeks since the official launch of find, and we are already getting busy. Thank you to everyone who's checked us out and made enquiries already. Exciting times!

We have a huge amount of experience working across London and the South of England. Personally, after 12+ years experience as a Location Manager in London there are few places I haven't been to. And, whenever I get that initial phone call from a  production team, it's always nice to be able to pull locations out of our location library and save our clients time and money. Well..... we are here to help after all.

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There has been much publication about what one can or can not do when filming with drones. For a while it was such a grey area that, depending on who you spoke to, you always get a different answer.

However, over the last couple of years, various authorities have gone through great lengths to outline some foundations on which film crews can safely operate from. Whilst this push has been led by the industry in America, the UK film industry has quickly followed suit.

This article from Variety reports the Federal Aviation Administration's announcement regarding the final set of rules for the use of unmanned aircraft, or drones, on the sets of movies and TV shows (in the USA).

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The two most common questions we face as location managers are "How do I have filming in my home?" and "Should I allow filming in my home?".

It does't matter where we're shooting in the country, rarely a day goes by when we've not been approached and asked one, if not both, of those questions. Filming seems to be shrouded in mystery. After all, the phrase "smoke and mirrors" comes directly from our industry and alludes to the various tricks of the trade we play with and magic that's produced. So it's no wonder why plenty of people who might be interested in having filming, don't really know how to go about it! 

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Our latest commercial to hit the TV is the public awareness commercial for the upcoming EU Referendum. The spot was directed by Nadia from Academy Films, produced by Stephen Overs, the DoP was Ben Todd and the location manager was Paul Manwaring.

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Hello, and welcome to the find website and our first ever blog. 

It seems strange that it's finally here after so many months of planning and trying to get the website ready. But if you've ever been involved with a start-up, or even just trying to get a website off the ground, you'll know that it comes with many hurdles and always takes longer than you initially realise.

That all aside, we'd would like to take this opportunity to mention a few things about ourselves. Who we we? What we do? And how we can help you? 

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